Jill and Jonny

Jill and Jonny

Friday, 31 July 2009

The Adventure Never Ends

So, we thought that yesterday was about as much excitement as you could pack into one day, but today might have topped it! We arrived to the bus station at seven o'clock to take bus to Siem Reap. We got there at two thirty, by which stage it'd begun to pour with rain. We then were met by a tuk-tuk driver (arranged by someone else) who took us out to two villages that Edukid are beginning sponsorship schemes in in September.

Well, little did we know that these villages were extremely remote, and that we had been met by the worst tuk-tuk in the country!! The villages were well off the beaten track, and the road, now drenched in rain, was lake-like in places. The tuk-tuk struggled to ake in through. However, after an hour we got to the first village - by now exhausted!!!

After playing some games with the children we set off to village two. We were told that it was only one kilometre away. Distances must vary in other countries - it was another extremely bumpy and wet twenty minutes away!!! By now, our enthusiasm had begun to wane a little, but we put on a brave face and spent a short time with the people there.

We then began our journey to our accomodation. The little tuk-tuk had obviously not enjoyed the wet weather. We broke down six times on the return journey! And being out so far, we'd no alternative but to wait until the driver did a temporary fix and then hope that we made it a little further.

We arrived at out guest house at six o'clock feeling somewhat weary. An early night is needed so that we can enjoy a day a Angkor Wat tomorrow. Hopefully the tuk-tuk driver we've booked for then will be a little more reliable!