Jill and Jonny

Jill and Jonny

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Planning to do Ireland proud!

The Welsh made a lot of St David's day at the start of the month, so we Irish want to have our turn! Tomorrow we will start the day with some freshly baked soda bread (with flour brought all the way from the Emerald Isle!). Jonny will then slip into his St P's day outfit (Jill is too much of a cheap-skate to participate in the fancy dress!!)!

We will then Irish dance all the way into work, proclaiming 'top of the mornin'' to all whom we meet. At lunch we will eat some 'fadge' (even though Jill doesn't really like it!) and wax lyrical about Irish baking to all within earshot.

The evening will include a get together with some friends during which we will insist that they all eat stew and participate in the singing of Danny Boy. Because... isn't that what we Irish always do on St. Patrick's day!!??

Photos will be uploaded tomorrow evening!