Jill and Jonny

Jill and Jonny

Saturday, 18 June 2011

PP Half Marathon Report (Warning: includes some finish-line drama)

Not many people knew that the Llanelli Half Marathon and the Belfast Marathon were merely warm up events for Jill.  She has had her eyes firmly fixed on this year's prestige running event; the Phnom Penh Half Marathon.

This race was held today, commencing at 6.08 am local time and Jill crossed the finish line 1 hr 34 mins later.  She immediately raised her hands in celebration believing that she was the first female over the line.  I was very sorry to tell her that 3 females had already finished, the first finishing over 15 minutes before her.  Jill was understandably disappointed and also a bit confused as in typical Jill fashion she had sussed out her rivals at the start line, stared them down and then picked them off one by one throughout the race.  I pointed out the girls who had finished which confused her even more as she was certain that they hadn't been in front of her.

After lengthy discussions it transpired that the girls in positions one to three had inadvertently cut out part of the route due to poor marshalling.  Sadly for them they were disqualified and Jill was promoted to first place taking her place on the podium in front of national TV and newspaper cameramen.  We're looking forward to watching the news tonight.

Photos to follow...

P.s. I also ran really hard.