Jill and Jonny

Jill and Jonny

Monday, 11 July 2011


Our first few days with our dads have been great.  It's been lovely to catch up with them and to show them around.  They are finding Cambodia very hot, but they have adjusted quickly to the time difference and they are looking forward to starting some tourist activities this week.

On Saturday we took them to Cafe Eden for breakfast, did some orientation around the area where we live and introduced them to CfC.  Yesterday we went to a church service held on a boat along the Tonle Sac.  It was a beautiful day for a slow cruise (maybe cruise is not the right word!!), and a first for Jonny and I too.  Really enjoyed the morning.

After eating lunch at our home, there was a brief rain shower which left our balcony and steps very wet.  Jonny lovingly warned our fathers on multiple occasions of the dangers of the wet steps outside.  He then proceeded to fall down them to demonstrate this danger!!!  He fell hard.  We were all worried for a while that he had broken his arm (that's all we would have needed!), but after thirty minutes of ice application, the swelling reduced.

Jonny and the dads took the older boys from CfC out to play volleyball last night.  The dads came back looking like they felt their age.  The older boys were delighted to get out to play sport and Jonny is hoping to repeat this on future Sunday afternoons.  More later....