Jill and Jonny

Jill and Jonny

Monday, 15 August 2011

Making the most of every situation

I've now learned that the word for leak in Khmer is quite similar to English.  The word is 'lej' with the 'j' sound pronounced as halfway between a 'j' and a 'k' and the 'e' sound being much shorter.

The workmen arrived this morning, rather conveniently, just before 7.00am as we were having breakfast.  We were interrupted by the landlady, her husband, her son, her two grandchildren and two workmen walking in unannounced without so much as a knock or 'Somto' (Khmer for Excuse me).  The workmen are now happily thumping and banging away on the roof as they strip off the old roof panels.  I hope they finish before lunch as heavy rain often appears in the afternoon during rainy season.  I (Jonny) have stayed at home this morning to supervise proceedings, though will have to go to class in thirty minutes.  I wonder if they will maintain the same level of industry when unsupervised.

Jill has gone on a village trip this morning with the visiting team.  This afternoon Jill has home school so she will be available to supervise then.

Must go now as I need to go for a 'lej' before class...