Jill and Jonny

Jill and Jonny

Monday, 1 August 2011

Never stops...

Our next visitor arrives tomorrow!  On our wedding anniversary!  Tomorrow we will be married six years - and we'll largely be celebrating by working!  We are hoping that the weekend brings time for a romantic dinner somewhere other than the local market!

We also have a team that has just arrived from the UK and another one due to arrive in the next week.  It's always great to welcome people here - and it's a real encouragement to us.  However, it does add to the workload.

Jonny and I are hoping to travel with our visitor next weekend to the beach for Saturday and Sunday.  We'll be really glad of a few days of rest.  There has been a lot of busyness with handing back over duties since the Teeces have returned and trying to organise some of the things in our house that are still giving us difficulties.

Yesterday Jonny decided to go into the roof space to see where the water is coming in.  He discovered that the workers who had come to fix the roof (which, incidentally took several days!) had done so simply by placing buckets in various locations!  The most recent leaks were the result of the buckets being full of water and overflowing!!!!  Only in Cambodia!