Jill and Jonny

Jill and Jonny

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Traffic comparison - UK vs Cambodia

Jonny has started helping with the driving of the kids to school in the minibus.  Here are a few of his observations, contrasting his experiences on UK roads with those on Phnom Penh roads.

1.  Use of the horn
UK - Used infrequently to express displeasure or frustration at fellow road users
Cambodia - Used every 5-10 seconds to let other road users know that you are undertaking a potentially lethal manoeuvre

2.  Headlights
UK - A traffic offence not to use at night-time
Cambodia - An offence to use during the day.  Optional at night-time

3.  Tailgating
UK - A traffic offence & considered extremely bad road etiquette
Cambodia - Expected from fellow road users to prevent the space between being filled by motorbikes, bicycles, dogs etc.

4.  Right of way
UK - Road signs indicate right of way, otherwise give way to the right
Cambodia - Biggest vehicle or bravest driver has right of way

5.  Traffic lights
UK - Signals must be followed
Cambodia - Merely a suggestion

6.  Road rage
UK - Frequent, almost on a daily basis
Cambodia - Infrequent, have yet to see