Jill and Jonny

Jill and Jonny

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Going Out

When the two dads came to visit, they brought with them some money that friends and family had donated for the children at our workplace.  We have spent time considering how this money might be best used.  Some of it has gone towards meeting practical daily needs, but a portion was saved to do 'something special'.

This week is festival week in Cambodia.  Most people have taken time off work and enjoyed family parties.  It is a time of year when many attend the temple and offer sacrifices for their ancestors.  We do not celebrate this festival in our organisation because of the religious connotations.  However, some of our children do return to visit their families and a group went with our leader to the countryside to have a break and engage in some practical agricultural work.

This left Jonny and I in the children's home with a group of 32 children who hadn't the chance to do anything different.  Therefore, this week we've tried to do lots of different things: games, competitions, talent shows, nit shampooing (! - NOT preventative, unfortunately!!), movie nights, etc.  However, these have all been 'in house' and we really wanted to offer the children left behind the chance to leave the premises.  Day trips tend to be very expensive for a large group of children and very stressful for the staff.  Usually there is one day trip for the children every six months and it requires a fair bit of advance planning.  However, Jonny and I decided on Thursday that 'surely nothing else could go wrong' (we had all the challenges of the day last time we were in charge!!!) and organised an afternoon at a funfair in the city for Friday.  We were very thankful to be able to take along three visitors from Northern Ireland who acted as additional staff...

...And we had an AWESOME day!  The children loved the time out.  There were no injuries, no tears, and only one vomit!  Here are some photos...