Jill and Jonny

Jill and Jonny

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Hallelujah! I've found my mojo!!!!

I am delighted to report that, after nearly five months in Cambodia, I have re-found my running mojo! Since I arrived here, I have been trying to maintain a little bit of running, but have really struggled with it. Between the climate and four months of 'the runs' (excuse the pun) on at least a bi-weekly basis (Dictionary corner: Like bimonthly and biennially, but unlike biannually, in the adjective and adverb senses, the prefix bi- applies to the week rather than to the events that occur, therefore giving the sense of “every two weeks”. Since the term is also used in the UK to mean “twice a week”, it is ambiguous there. I mean twice a week here. Glad to make this blog not only informative, but educational too!), my running has got slower and slower and become less and less enjoyable.

This morning, however, I decided to get up and give a longer run a go, having had a settled stomach for a full week and having been told by my dad last night (on skype) how healthy I looked. I thought I'd try a longer run - but not set myself a goal and just 'see how it would go'. The weather was good - hot but with a breeze and no rain (amazing at this time of the year). I left at 5 am to ensure that I wasn't away from the children's home too long with the children awake. The roads were quiet, initially, and I made my way along the river, which was beautiful.

I am ecstatic (!) to report that, upon my return, my watch clocked that I had run just over 19.5 miles at an average moving pace of 8.32 mins/mile (which is modest, but respectable - especially given how poor my running form has been). I feel brilliant!! I think that, finally (!!), I may be settling into Cambodia, health-wise - which I am SO thankful about! Fear not, Mum: the long runs are NOT going to become a regular feature of life here. I am NOT going back to running big miles! But, for those of you who were concerned that my strength was fading, the mojo (!!) has returned!!!!!