Jill and Jonny

Jill and Jonny

Saturday, 24 December 2011

It is Christmas!

Today we made our final trip to the post office before Christmas, and are we glad we did?

Yes, we are.

We picked up quite a number of Christmas cards plus four (yes, FOUR!) parcels.

It was quite tricky transporting them all back home on the motorbike - but this was a problem we were delighted to have.

We then went to the market to start our Christmas shopping. We purchased one large durian fruit for the Teece family (don't tell them - I hope they don't check this blog before we give it to them). Durian is a fruit native to Asia, it has a very distinct smell and flavour which puts off many foreigners. You could call it the "marmite" fruit - you either love it or hate it. We both love it, so we will be hanging around hoping they share it with us!

Seasons greetings friends!