Jill and Jonny

Jill and Jonny

Friday, 6 April 2012

5 - 4 - 2012

Yesterday was my (Jonny) birthday. Many thanks to those of you who sent cards and gifts, to those of you who didn't... Let's just say I'm a little disappointed in you...

My birthday panned out like this:
- breakfast with my wife.
- 2 hour language class.
- arranged delivery of fridge to new house (sounds simple - it wasn't).
- arranged installation of Internet in new house (sounds simple - it wasn't).
- 'surprise' lunch at CfC (I had to pretend not to notice all the preparation). Lunch consisted of stuffed frogs, sweet and sour and then cake. We also had Big Cola to drink, it looks and smells like Coke but the taste is just not quite there!
- arranged installation of wall fans at new house whilst I cleaned all the windows.
- received delivery of drawers and bedside tables (again not straightforward)
- out to dinner with Jill and Jenny.
- home to sleep on the floor as the furniture in our current house has been taken away.

We are hoping to move into the new house on Saturday. This will be a bit tricky as I am on weekend cover for CfC this weekend, but given that it is now holiday season in Cambodia I shouldn't be short of people wanting to 'help'.

Really looking forward to some rest next week!!!