Jill and Jonny

Jill and Jonny

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Sponsors letters

Each of our children has a sponsor who donates money to pay for their education. Several times a year we get the children to write letters to their sponsors in order that they have some personal contact.

This usually ends up being quite an intensive exercise. Trying to tie down (figuratively not physically) 56 children to write a letter isn't easy. Furthermore only some of our children have sufficient English skills to write a letter in English. They do take pride though in being 'able' to write a letter in a different language. So what ends up happening is that a sort of black market is set up with those who can write in English bartering with those who want their help. The English speakers will now have an easy few weeks as the Non-English speakers do their chores for them!

The letters normally through up some surprises as the kids tend to include some random stuff. This time one boy has included a photograph for his sponsor, the only problem is that the photograph isn't of him - in fact no one knows who the mystery child in the photo is! I suspect the sponsor may be a little confused when they compare this photo to previous pictures provided!

My favourite though this time around is the following direct quote:
'For me, in my free time I like to play football and skiing'

Skiing??? Maybe I just haven't found the ski slope yet.