Jill and Jonny

Jill and Jonny

Sunday, 20 May 2012

This week in Phnom Penh...

You'll remember the hype surrounding William and Kate's wedding. On Saturday, two of our staff will marry. The excitement about this wedding seems on a parallel scale to the excitement prior to the royal ceremony of 2011!

Jonny and I have been given jobs on the wedding day. Jonny is chief financial officer! I am welcoming guests and showing them to their seats. We have been given instructions about what to wear. No doubt, we'll also be given instructions on what to say, do, etc.!

Neither of us are particularly enthusiastic about weddings in the UK. It'd be fair to say that, here in Cambodia, our attitudes haven't changed. In fact, given that this wedding begins at 8 am and will not finish until late at night...!!

Otherwise, this week is 'business as usual', or as 'usual' as it gets for us. Language learning, office work for Jonny, some oversight and student mentoring for me. I am committing myself to unpacking the camera today and taking a few photos this week. So I will try to upload a few each day for your viewing pleasure!