Jill and Jonny

Jill and Jonny

Friday, 8 June 2012

Svey Reing

Yesterday Jonny was out on a village visit with a group of visitors. We visited two of our newest projects near the Vietnamese border.

It's always good to see what is happening on the ground in person but this time Jonny was especially impressed by the operation of the projects.

The first project had 50-60 children who were split into two groups. Our staff member was mentoring 4 young adults who were doing the teaching. They were running two separate classes - pretty much in the same space and keeping the attention of the kids. Until the foreigners turned up, that is!

The second project was much smaller and had a maximum of 30 kids. What was impressive this time was the way that the male teacher taught two separate lessons at the same time. He was teaching young children Khmer basics and a group of older kids more advanced writing skills. This guy is operating with very limited resources and a small salary but is doing a fantastic job demonstrating, strong teaching skills.

The team visited and observed each project, then played games with the children and chatted with the teachers for a short time to encourage them in their work.
Some photos to follow...