Jill and Jonny

Jill and Jonny

Thursday, 26 July 2012

School Fees

Today CfC had its second largest annual outlay - annual school fees for 27 children. This is a massive amount of money to spend in one go, it makes me feel a little ill!

For the blog readers who sponsor CfC children this is where the majority of your donation goes. Thank you!

This year the school are throwing in two school uniforms and a pair of shoes for each child. They also have a 20% NGO discount (thankfully!). I am trying to turn the screw a little more and negotiate for them to give us study books for each child for free also. This is one of the few instances when my staff appreciate my stinginess!

I'm not that confident of success with this one but even if we don't get them for free we may manage to get a discount. At $10 to $19 dollars, depending on which grade the child is in, it is a significant additional cost so am eagerly awaiting an email from the school...