Jill and Jonny

Jill and Jonny

Monday, 27 August 2012

Every little helps (raise my blood pressure)

I have a credit card with a major UK supermarket chain which shall remain nameless.

They have recently 'upgraded' their system which has locked me out of the online banking. I have just had a 30 minute phone call with them to try to fix it.

The end result is that they are sending me out a new security code (for the second time). This is frustrating as I have used the online service for almost ten years and this is he first time I have had a problem - directly as a result of their 'upgrade'.

I asked them at the end of the call to confirm my account balance so I could make a payment in order that I wasn't incurring late payment charges this month. The conversation went like this...

(Operator) "I'm sorry sir I can't do that as you cannot answer security questions"

(Jonny) "Yes I can - I can answer any question you want. I can give you my date of birth, my bank account number, my address, previous addresses, recent transactions, the joint account holder details, the card security code..."

(Operator) "No sir you can't answer the security questions as you haven't set them up"

(Jonny) "Yes I have, I did this when I started using Internet banking also I have been a customer for ten years - you have lots of information about me. I can confirm any of this information, ask me a question."

(Operator) "I'm sorry sir I can't, we need to ask special questions"

(Jonny) "Special questions? What like?"

(Operator) "What is your favourite colour or what is your favourite food."

(Jonny) "Seriously - you can't help me because you don't know my favourite colour?"

(Operator) "Yes sir, since our upgrade..."

(Jonny) "IT'S NOT AN UPGRADE!!!"

It's good to see that simple everyday activities back home can be as difficult as those out here!