Jill and Jonny

Jill and Jonny

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Football coaching

This week 35 of our children attended a football mini-camp. For three days, a team from N. Ireland hosted coaching sessions for our kids and kids from the local area.
Jonny was delighted with our kids, both in term of their behaviour and their ability.

Both Jonny and David (the guy who helps Jonny with the weekly football sessions) commented that, whilst they weren't able to see much difference week on week in the training sessions, the CfC kids stood out from the others in terms of football skills. It seems like the coaching has been giving results!

The kids were split up into several groups and the sessions culminated with a number of 'winner stays on' matches. On the final day, the CfC boys wanted a match against the visitors as they fancied their chances - despite each boy giving away over a foot in height and several stones in weight!

The matches were fiercely fought but the visitors came out victorious in 3 out of 3 matches. Our boys were gutted but Jonny was proud of how closely the matches were played and the good nature and graciousness in defeat. The average age of our team was 17, compared to an average age of 22 or 23 for the visitors! See the photograph below for the disparity in height!

We were able to comfortably win the spinning the ball on the tip of the finger competition though!